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What is Sprezie Connects?

Sprezie Connects is the meat of the Sprezie after-training support & measurement technology. After participants select their training goals/tasks and set a schedule for when they'd like to receive their reminders, they will receive Sprezie Connects phone calls or texts according to their schedule. Sprezie Connects Include:

  1. Brief questions about the participant's current progress.
  2. Personalized support and next steps to continue (or start) working on the goal.
  3. Social coaching with messages from mentors.
  4. Links to micro-learning opportunities to reinforce learning.
Sprezie Connects

What to Expect in Your Automated Sprezie Connects™ Call:

Answer a few brief interview questions about how well you're achieving your goals.

What steps can you take now to better achieve your goal?

Letting your support network in on your goals increases your probability of success.

Personalized based on your current progress, micro-learning reinforces skillsets & mindsets that help you achieve your goal.

An encouragement email with any unfinished to-do's and support in your goal achievement.


    Sprezie Test Call

    Who is Sprezie For?

    Sprezie is for organizations wanting to double retention and on-the-job application through automated after-training support, and receive the data to prove training impact.

     Sprezie works with ANY existing out-of-the-box, customized, or proprietary training program

     Sprezie can added to your current training or employee development program

     Sprezie can be customized to fit your needs and business goals.

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    "Sprezie helped my team's production improve from 48% of our objective to 97% in 6 months!

    Not only did Sprezie help my team stay focused on those behaviors that produce results, but busy-work was replaced by real achievement. I knew who was actually participating versus those who were giving lip-service to the system—and I was able to work with the low producers one-on-one to bring their production up as well."

    Sgt. Major Williamson, National Guard