Micro-learning is at its best when it is:

  • Matched with the right content - content matches the need
  • Experience-based - delivered to the real world, not a classroom
  • Perfectly timed - when it is the right time to apply new learning
  • Trainee driven - creating individual motivation and accountability
  • Proactive - the learner does not need to initiate
  • Positively reinforced - others provide support to continue

Sprezie's micro-learning delivers all those elements.

Perfectly Matched Content

Sprezie helps learners break learning down into smaller goals.  Sprezie Connects after training when the learner is back on the job.  With each Connect, Sprezie checks how the learner is doing on a specific goal.  Knowing the goal and the learner's progress toward that goal makes it possible to deliver very targeted micro-learning content, exactly at the right moment.   

Experience Based

Each Sprezie Connect is an interactive call or text.  Each Connect delivers micro-learning in the real world.  Learners begin to understand the training in the context of their daily environment, not a classroom, so the understanding is deeper, richer and has the greatest possible impact.

Perfectly Timed

No one knows the best time to receive micro-learning better than the learner. That's why each learner schedules his/her calls and texts for times when the s/he feels the information will be most useful.  

Trainee Driven

With Sprezie, each trainee makes a few simple decisions at the start of the process. From there, Sprezie steps in and manages everything else.  The trainee is in complete control and can make changes at any time.  It creates individual motivation and accountability.  


All learners need to do is respond to a call or text.  They don't have to sign on to an app or open a web browser.  It's very easy, proactive and reliable.

Positively Reinforced

In addition to the micro-learning link, each call or text delivers an encouraging message from a mentor to keep the learner motivated. It's built-in positive reinforcement.