We know user adoption is a big issue for any HR technology.  That's why we've made Sprezie so it is incredibly easy to use. The power is all behind the screens so the user experience is very simple. After it is set up, participants don't even need access to the web. 

Setup is a snap

The Sprezie Action Plan helps trainees make three simple decisions:

  1. set a goal and break it down into tasks
  2. schedule when Sprezie Connect should call or text 
  3. identify people they would like support from

Participation is even easier

Participants answer the scheduled Sprezie Connect calls or texts.

Every few months Sprezie asks the trainee to answer a two question Sprezie Snapshot. 

That’s it, that's all trainees have to do to participate.  


Trainee's have complete control

Trainees' secure Sprezie account allows them to change goals, schedules and mentors, track their progress, listen to mentor messages or get additional coaching online at any time.

As simple as it sounds, there is a lot going on.

Each Sprezie Connect:

  •  asks about progress on the goal
  • checks focus, effort and results 
  • delivers a mentoring message from someone important to them

All of that takes about 90 seconds.

Behind the scenes Sprezie's simplicity is driven by Sprezie's commitment to individual trainee success, Do Differently Model™, social connectivity and micro-learning tools.

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