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General Questions About Sprezie

  • How do I change my password?

    Once you have logged on to your account, there is a gear icon to the right of your name at the top of the screen. Click the gear icon, and you can change your password.

  • How do I extend a subscription?

    You will need to contact your company administrator or call Sprezie at 801.489.1211.

  • Who has access to my participants' data?

    Your participants have access to their individual data. Your company administrator and Sprezie also has access. Sprezie will never release your information. Sprezie may make your data anonymous and use the results for research.

  • Is there any research that shows Sprezie works?

    Sprezie was and is being used to help criminal offenders develop prosocial behaviors. Researchers at Brigham Young University have published three random control trial studies which found Sprezie doubles successful behavior change.

  • Can my participants use Sprezie for a personal goal that is not work related?

    Sprezie supports behavior change for any purpose. It is being used to help people change behaviors associated with physical fitness, weight loss, skill development, addiction, depression and many other behavioral goals.

  • I have a friend that wants to use Sprezie, how do I get him/her an account?

    Contact your company administrator or call Sprezie at 801.489.1211.

  • What types of Sprezie subscriptions are available?

    Subscriptions range from 45 days to 3, 6 and 12 months. If a participant wants to continue with Sprezie after a subscription expires, the participant can purchase a new subscription, and the participant's goals, tasks, schedule, and Support Team will carry over to the new subscription.

  • What is the Sprezie donation program?

    For every 25 subscribers, Sprezie donates one subscription to a non-profit to help a family that has a family member working to overcome an addiction.



  • How can I add a participant?

    On the "Participants /& Groups" page, on the "My Participants" tab, click "+ Add Participant" and fill out the 3 tabs in the "Add A New Participant" screen. For more detailed instructions, please watch the "Add A New Participant" video on the Video Tutorials support page linked above.

  • How do I create a group of participants?

    On the "Participants /& Groups" page, on the "My Groups" tab, click "+ New Group". Select the title and participants for the group. Click "Save".

  • How can I manage my participants?

    On the "Participants /& Groups" page, on the "My Participants" tab, click on the 3 dots in the "Action" column on the far right of the screen. Use the pop-up list to edit a participant's account, login to see the participant's account, assign a mentor message to the participant (read more about this in the Messages section of the FAQ), or delete the participant's account.

  • What does it mean to login as a participant?

    Logging in as a participant, allows you to see the participant's account from their view. Please note, while logged in as a participant, any changes you make to the account will be saved. The only thing a mentor cannot do for the partiicpant is verify a phone number. We ask that the participant verify their own phone number as legal authorization for Sprezie to contact them.



  • What are the purpose of Sprezie Mentor messages?

    As a mentor, you can record messages to provide motivation, information, and inspiration for your participants. You can also include accompanying text with your recorded messages that will deliver hyperlinks to supportive resources to your participants.

  • How do I create a new message?

    On the "My Messages" page, click "+ Add New Message(s)" and choose to call and record a new message or upload a previously recorded message. For more detailed instructions, please watch the message recording tutorial on the Video Tutorials page linked above.

  • How do I view my messages?

    On the "My Messages" tab you will see a table of messages you previously recorded.

  • How do I assign a message to my participants/groups?

    On the "My Messages" page, click on the "Message Assignments" tab and then click on "+ Add New Assignment(s)" to enter in the desired specificiations for your message assignment. For more detailed instructions, please watch the message assignment tutorial on the Video Tutorials page linked above.


Support Teams

  • What is a Support Team?

    Participants invite people in their life (coworkers, managers, friends, family) to be part of their Sprezie Support Team. Support Team Members can record encouraging messages for the participant which Sprezie will deliver during each call/text. Support Team Members can also participate in Snapshots if the participant invites them to do so.

  • Can I, as a mentor, manage Support Team Members?

    As a mentor, you have the ability to review, add, edit, and remove Support Team Members for your participants. You can also review and delete the Support Team messages that will be delivered to your participants during their Sprezie calls/texts.

  • How do I delete a Support Team Member?

    On the "Support Teams" page, click the "+" next to a participant's name to view their Support Team Members. Click the "Remove" button located on the far right of the Support Team Member's name.

  • What if I don’t like a Support Team message?

    On the "Support Teams" page, click the "+" next to a participant's name to view their Support Team Members. In the "Play" column, click the drop down menu next to the "Play" button for the support message you want to delete and select "Remove Message".



  • What is a Snapshot?

    Snapshots are two question mini-surveys that ask the participant, their manager, and their Support Team about their progress on their goal.

  • Who gets invited to respond to a Snapshot and why?

    When participants identify Support Team Members on the "Manage Support Team" page, they can check the checkbox in the Snapshot column for anyone they would like to participate in their Snapshot.

  • When do Snapshots happen?

    Snapshots are automatically sent 45 days, 3, 6 and 12 months after the participant confirms their goal.

  • How do I initiate a Snapshot?

    Snapshots happen automatically 45 days, 3, 6 and 12 months after the participant confirms their goal. You can work with the participant to make sure that on the "Manage Support Team" page, they have identified who should participate.

  • What questions does a Snapshot ask?

    The first question identifies the participant's goal and asks the rater to rate the participant's progress on the goal. The second question is an open-ended question that provides opportunity for the rater to comment on the participant's progress.

  • Are the responses anonymous?

    The participant's manager's ratings will be identified separately in the report. All other feedback is combined.

  • Why does the participant identify their manager?

    Snapshot reports display the participant's manager's responses separately from all other answers in the report.


Invitations And Reminders

  • How often does Sprezie send reminders to Support Team Members to record messages?

    Sprezie sends reminders every two weeks.

  • Can I customize the Support Team invitations?

    The participant can customize the initial invitation on the "Customize & Send Emails" page.

  • Can I customize the Support Team reminders?

    The reminders cannot be customized.

  • Can I customize the Snapshot invitations and reminders?

    The Snapshot invitations and reminders cannot be customized. However, you can send out Snapshot reminders on the "In Progress" tab on the "Snapshot Schedule" page.


Progress And Reports

  • Why are the participant results displayed on 4 different tabs under the Results page?

    Sprezie records results that help you answer 3 very important questions: What are your participants' goals? How long are participants focusing on making progress towards their goals? If participants are not making progress on their goals, why? The first tab, "Do Differently", answers the first question as it identifies participants and their goals. The second tab, "For How Long", answers the second question as it indicates participants' response rates to Sprezie calls and texts over time. The third tab, "If Not Why Not", answers the third question as it lists the reasons participants have given for lacking weekly progress. The fourth tab shows a visual representation of Snapshot Survey results that records how participants and their friends, family, co-workers, and managers view their progress.

  • How do I listen to messages left by participants after indicating no weekly progress on their goal during a Sprezie call/text?

    When a participant indicates no progress in response to a Sprezie call/text, the participant has the option to leave a message explaining the reason their progress has been lacking. If they leave a message, there will be an entry on the "If Not Why Not" tab of the "Progress" page showing the date of the message. Reviewing these messages will help you and your participants understand how to overcome the barriers that are preventing progress.

  • Why does it matter how many calls/texts participants answer?

    Independent studies have found that if participants answer 50% or more of their calls/texts, you are twice as likely to succeed. In fact, research found that once participants answer 50% of their Sprezie calls/texts your chances of success increase with each additional response.

  • How do I change the dates in the report so I can look at more data?

    Each tab under the "Progress" page, has filters available. Please click "Filter" on the right of the screen to show results for specific participants, programs, categories, goals, or dates. Please note filters do not transfer from tab to tab. Each tab has its own filters.


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