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Account Setup Worksheet

Sometimes you want to figure things out on paper before entering it online.  Here is a simple setup sheet that you can fill in to identify everything you need to setup your Sprezie online account. 

Trainer pass this form out during class.  Trainees fill them in while in training then Sprezie sets up the accounts for all the trainees.  


Click here to download the form.


Quick Start Guide

Getting started with Sprezie is very easy.  This guide will walk you through what you need to do and it gives you tips on how to get the most from your Mentors and your Sprezie experience.

Click here to download the Quick Start Guide.


Sample Email

Sometimes is useful to show people a sample of the email they will receive from Sprezie so they know what to expect.  Here's a sample you can download and pass around.

Click here to download the sample email.



Millennial Development Is Key To The Future Success Of Any Organization

Learn 3 key factor for success and how Sprezie addresses each factor.

Click here to download the white-paper.


Want To Explain Sprezie To Your Company?

Sprezie is a new concept. We've found our coloring book is the easiest way to explain it. 

Click here to download the coloring book.