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General Questions About Sprezie

  • How do I change my password?

    Once you have logged on to your account, there is a gear icon to the right of your name at the top of the screen. Click the gear icon, and you can change your password.

  • How do I change my phone number?

    Click the Edit button to the right of your phone number and time zone. Enter your new phone number and click save.

  • How do I extend a subscription?

    You will need to contact your company administrator, mentor or call Sprezie at 801.489.1211.

  • Who has access to my data?

    Your mentor, company administrator and Sprezie. Sprezie will never release your information. Sprezie may make your data anonymous and use the results of research.

  • Is there any research that shows Sprezie works?

    Sprezie was and is being used to help criminal offenders develop prosocial behaviors. Researchers at Brigham Young University have published three random control trial studies which found Sprezie doubles successful behavior change.

  • Can I use Sprezie for a personal goal that is not work related?

    Sprezie supports behavior change for any purpose. It is being used to help people change behaviors associated with physical fitness, weight loss, skill development, addiction, depression and many other behavioral goals.

  • I have a friend that wants to use Sprezie, how do I get him/her an account?

    Contact your company administrator, mentor or call Sprezie at 801.489.1211.

  • What types of Sprezie subscriptions are available?

    Subscriptions range from 45 days to 3, 6 and 12 months. If a participant wants to continue with Sprezie after a subscription expires, the participant can purchase a new subscription, and the participant's goals, tasks, schedule, and Support Team will carry over to the new subscription.

  • What is the Sprezie donation program?

    For every 25 subscribers, Sprezie donates one subscription to a non-profit to help a family that has a family member working to overcome an addiction.


Goals And Tasks

  • How do I enter a goal?

    Check out the Entering Goals and Tasks tutorial in the videos section of Sprezie Support.

  • How many goals can I work on at a time?

    Sprezie is designed to help you work on one goal at a time. Research shows it is much more efficient to work on one development goal, succeed, then work on a new goal. Sprezie keeps the data on each of your goals so you can view reports on your progress but you can only have one active goal.

  • How many tasks can I have with each goal?

    Sprezie suggests that you focus on 5 or less, but you can enter many tasks as you wish. Each Sprezie call/text asks about only one task, so if you schedule one or two calls/texts a week, it will take many weeks to get through a lot of tasks.

  • How do I change or delete a goal or tasks?

    Once your goal is confirmed, click the Change Goal button on the goal page. You may want to watch the "How to Change Your Goal" video in the video section of Sprezie Support.

  • Why is my training or development program not on the goal list?

    Your administrator has not asked that Sprezie include that program. Sprezie can add any program to a goal list.

  • How do I get a development program added to the list?

    Ask your administrator to have a program added, or contact Sprezie at 801.489.1211, and we can add the program with your organization's permission.


Sprezie Calls/Texts

  • How do I schedule Sprezie calls/texts?

    Click the "Add Call/Text" button on the Schedule My Calls/Texts page. You may want to watch the "Scheduling Calls/Texts" video in the video section of Sprezie Support.

  • How many calls/texts can I schedule?

    As many as you wish, it's not uncommon for people to schedule more calls/texts as they begin working on a goal then slowly decrease the number of calls/texts over time. Sprezie suggests you consider your daily routine, tolerance for calls/texts and increase or decrease the calls/texts to make sure you are getting the support you need.

  • When should I schedule my calls/texts?

    Schedule Sprezie calls/texts for times that you feel they will be the most helpful. For example, if you have difficulty achieving your goal first thing in the morning, schedule a call/text for first thing in the morning. Also, make sure to schedule calls/texts for times when you will most likely be able to respond. If you have a meeting every day at 2:00, don't schedule a call/text for 2:15.

  • How do I change from a call to a text or vice versa?

    On the "Schedule My Calls/Texts" page, click the call/text you wish to change. Make the changes and click Save. You may want to watch the "Scheduling Calls/Texts" video in the video section of Sprezie Support.

  • How do I delete a scheduled call/text?

    On the "Schedule My Calls/Texts" page, click the call/text you wish to delete. Click Delete, then click Save. You may want to watch the "Scheduling Calls/Texts" video in the video section of Sprezie Support.


Support Team

  • How many Support Team Members can I invite?

    Invite as many Support Team Members as you wish.

  • Who should I invite as Support Team Members?

    Invite people that will motivate you and give you honest feedback. Don't limit your Support Team Members to one specific group of people, i.e. coworkers. Try to invite people from different aspects of your life, for example, friends, family, coworkers and your manager.

  • How do I delete a Support Team Member?

    On the "Manage Support Team" page, click the Archive button to the far right of the person's name.

  • What if I don’t like a Support Team message?

    You can archive that Support Team Member (see previous question), and you will no longer hear the message, and the Support Team Member will no longer be able to record messages.

  • What if my Support Team has not left any messages?

    Sprezie will remind your Support Team Members to record or change their message every two weeks. Sprezie suggests that you touch base with them to make sure they are getting the Sprezie invitations and make sure they know the invitations are coming at your request.

  • Can my Support Team see/hear my goals and tasks?

    Your goals and tasks are not known to your Support Team unless you tell them about your goal when you customize the invitation on the "Customize and Send Invitations" page. Snapshots do include your goal, but not your tasks, so those that you invite to participate in your Snapshots will know your goal.

  • Does my Support Team have access to my information?

    No. Your Support Team has a voicemail box on your account. They can call and record a message, but that's it. It's just like leaving a voicemail on your phone, people leaving a voicemail do not have access to any other information on your phone. If you click the Snapshot checkbox, they will see your goal when they participate in a Snapshot.



  • What is a Snapshot?

    Snapshots are two question mini-surveys that ask you, your manager, and the members of your Support Team you choose to include in Snapshots about your progress on your goal.

  • Who gets invited to respond to a Snapshot and why?

    When you identify Support Team Members on the "Manage Support Team" page, you can check the checkbox in the Snapshot column for anyone you would like to participate in a Snapshot.

  • When do Snapshots happen?

    Snapshots are automatically sent 45 days, 3, 6 and 12 months after you confirm a goal.

  • How do I initiate a Snapshot?

    Snapshots happen automatically 45 days, 3, 6 and 12 months after you confirm a goal. You need to make sure that on the "Manage Support Team" page, you have identified who should participate.

  • What questions does a Snapshot ask?

    The first question asks the rater to rate your progress on your goal, and it identifies your goal.

  • Are the responses anonymous?

    Your manager's ratings will be identified separately in the report. All other feedback is combined.

  • Why do I identify my manager?

    Snapshot results will display your manager's responses separately from all other answers in the Snapshot report.


Invitations And Reminders

  • How often does Sprezie send reminders to record messages?

    Sprezie sends reminders every two weeks.

  • Can I customize the invitations?

    You can customize the initial invitation on the "Customize & Send Emails" page.

  • Can I customize the reminders?

    The reminders cannot be customized.


Progress And Reports

  • How do I listen to a message I left after answering "No" to the first question during a Sprezie call/text?

    When you record a message as a result of a "No" answer to the first question asked during a Sprezie call/text, there will be an icon at the bottom of the "Review My Progress" page showing the date and time of the recording. Click the play icon, and you can listen to your message. If you respond "No" to the first question via text and leave a message for yourself, your response will display at the bottom of the screen. Reviewing your "No" messages will help you understand how to overcome the barriers that are preventing your success.

  • Why does it matter how many calls/texts I answer?

    Independent studies have found that if you answer 50% or more of your calls/texts, you are twice as likely to succeed. In fact, research found that once you answer 50% of your Sprezie calls/texts your chances of success increase with each additional response.

  • How do I change the dates in the report so I can look at more data?

    On the "Review My Progress" page, just above the "Calls/Texts Answered" report there are two date fields. Enter the date range you wish to review and click Update.


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