According to Ken Blanchard, there is no silver bullet leadership style. According to Napier and Gershenfeld, “successful leaders are those who can adapt their behavior to meet the needs of their followers and the particular situation.”  

First off, Situational Leadership seeks to instill three key skills in a leader:

Goal Setting: “Aligning on what needs to be done, when.”

  1. Think of an individual you lead who has the potential to develop
  2. Identify three goals or key tasks that you would like this person to accomplish

  3. Write each goal or task in terms of a “What needs to be done, when” statement.

  4. Set in motion a means with which to measure accomplishment of these goals. (We can help with that…)

Diagnosing: “Collaboratively assessing an individual’s competence and commitment on a specific goal or task.”

  1. Run Self evaluations.

  2. Run Peer evaluations

Matching: “Using a variety of leadership styles, comfortably, to provide individuals with what they need.”

Now, define “a variety of leadership styles!”

A leader is to decide - on a dime - which leadership approach to use depending on the employee(s) and the circumstance.  According to Ken Blanchard company, there are four key leadership approaches, all of which vary in that they are Relationship Oriented and Task Oriented to varying degrees.

  1. Directing:  High directive, Low Supportive Behavior:

  2. Coaching:  High Directive, High Supportive Behavior

  3. Supporting:  High Supportive, Low Directive Behavior

  4. Delegating:  Low Supportive, Low Directive Behavior.