Crucial Conversations

Each Sprezie participant begins by setting a goal to do something differently. When using with Crucial Conversations Sprezie limits the goals to specific outcomes the developers of Crucial Conversations designed the program to achieve.  

Once a participant selects a goal, the participant has complete freedom to set the unique tasks needed to achieve that goal.  

As participants work to achieve their goals, Sprezie delivers data on which outcomes people select as goals and how each person uniquely approaches the task of achieving those goals.  Over time, you will be able to understand how people are using Crucial Conversations to improve performance and if they are succeeding

The Crucial Conversations goals that Sprezie includes are:

  1. Spot the conversations that are keeping me from what I want
         a.       Learn to see when opinions vary
         b.      Watch for strong emotions
         c.       Identify “undiscussables”
         d.      Step out of the conversation and notice how to make it work
  2. Avoid moving to silence or violence during crucial conversations
         a.       Identify my own Style Under Stress and manage it
         b.      Stay focused on what I really want and maintain dialogue
         c.       Take steps to rebuild safety and return to dialogue
  3. Stay in dialogue when I’m angry, scared, or hurt—“think” my way to the root cause of negative emotions
         a.       Discover my stories and how I am justifying my own behavior
         b.      Eliminate victim, villain, and helpless stories
         c.       Focus on the results we all want
         d.      Encourage others to speak up
  4. Speak more persuasively, less abrasively
         a.       Get my meaning across without potentially threatening messages
         b.      Share strong opinions without shutting down contrary views
         c.       Share my mind while making it safe for others to do the same
         d.      Spot the warning signs that indicate safety is at risk









Sprezie has developed these goals based on public claims of the training developer.  Use of the training logo or trademark does not imply endorsement by the training provider.