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Fix What Happens
After training

Double the on-the-job impact of
your training, coaching, or assessment.
And prove it. 


Sprezie solves the big after-training problems:
Helping trainees use new skills when back on-the-job
Proving long-term training impact



Sprezie uses short calls, texts, flash mentoring and mini-surveys to help trainees use new skills on-the-job. Training impact data collection is built in.

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the Dots

Sprezie answers the three Do Differently™ questions that determine whether or not your training is producing results.

  • What do people do differently after training or coaching?

  • Do new behaviors become habits?

  • If people don't succeed, why not?



Sprezie works with
EVERY development program.


(Any purchased* or custom training, coaching or assessment)

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It's super Easy

Trainees set a goal, schedule, and identify flash mentors. 

Sprezie supports trainees as they use new skills and delivers ongoing training impact data.



 Retention, transfer, Application

Sprezie fixes the after-training problems

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Participant Comments

"I like it. I like being held accountable. I like being reminded. It worked.... I’ve altered my habits because of Sprezie."
- Lynette B.

“Sprezie is consistent even when I’m not. It eliminates the “When I have time” or “Someday I’ll...” syndromes and helps me incorporate habits that add up.”
- Mark R.

2 Times Better Production

"Sprezie helped my team's production improve from 48% of our objective to 97% in 6 months!

Sprezie helped my team stay focused on those behaviors that produce results. Busy work was replaced by real achievement. "

- Master Sergeant Williamson


"Sprezie shows us what people do with our training when they go back to their jobs.

The Do Differently data is clear, concise and helps us adjust our training so it has greater impact. That data is a huge advantage in marketing our program to new clients and expanding work with existing clients."

- John Stoker, President DialogueWorks Training